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3 Simple Ways To Improve Mariners Fan Fest

By Brian Ailor

1. I know it's in Seattle, but could we please choose a group of days where it's not raining and freezing outside? When I spend an entire day at the ballpark I usually like the temperature to be a higher number then my age...

2. The Felix Hernandez hitting simulator was awesome! Especially when grown men look like lil girls (me included) trying to hit a 100 MPH fastball. But it could be even better if you throw in a monster curveball or specialty pitch like that. Trying to hit a Jamie Moyer change up or dare I say Tim Wakefield knuckleball?

3. The autographs were the most popular attraction by far, yet in my opinion done all wrong. This year at least you had to wait in line for hours and you still had really no choice as to whom you got to sign your stuff. I was one of the lucky ones who got Bret Boone and Jay Buhner, but I waited in line soo long for those two that I missed out on Dustin Ackley and friends.

Would of loved to get to meet the old Mariners and also get to see a future star to sign for you. Future stars are always fun to see because after you have an autograph of them you have such a high interest in their career. Makes watching them in person or on TV almost double the fun!

I'm nothing if not solutions oriented... So I got an idea to improve this whole thing! For starters, you take the 10 or so players for autographs and you put them in a booth evenly spaced across the outfield wall. You build it like media day is held the week before the Super Bowl. You as a fan get to see the whole set up in front of you and get to decide if you want to spend all your time getting one Ichiro or Felix autograph. Or to spend your time a lil more wisely and wait in 4 shorter lines and double your total autographs. As an added bonus, with the media day setup you shorten the lines because you eliminate the casual fan who just wants a facebook photo of their favorite player because they can just snap that pic from the stands instead.

Are my ideas perfect? No.. But it's far more fan friendly then what's usually done. It is called Fan Fest for a reason right??

If you also went to Fan Fest or have ideas to help improve Fan Fest please comment below!!

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