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Mariners Trade Rumors

Last year the biggest Mariner Rumor ever Cliff Lee happened, we can't expect something like that but what is out there?

One Mariners rumor has them interested in the Orioles lefty bullpen arm Koji Uehara. Uehara is from Japan so that always makes a little sense for the Mariners plus he has nice stuff when he isn't injured. If the price is right we are in for buying. The Mariners are going up against the Brewers, Orioles, Red Sox and Twins for his services.

We know the Mariners rumors that they are interested in Zach Greinke, of course who isn't as so are the Twins,Rangers,Braves,Reds,Brewers... Our take is that the Royals want him out of the division and our thought is likely out of the American League so we don't see this one coming true. To us Grienke is a mystery anyways do we really want this guy at what it is going to take.

The big negative Mariners rumor is by Steve Henson over at Yahoo who says we are going to have trouble getting any free agents because the stench of loosing is becoming a lot like the Orioles. We don't think so, Seattle is a great place to live and the Mariners do have a better history, a respected up and coming GM and are committed. Bite us Henson.

Not a Mariners rumor but we should touch on the trade with the Rockies with us getting Chaz Roe for Jose Lopez. Nice move by the Mariners as we weren't keeping Lopez and Roe was a former first round pick with a decent arm. It is hard to believe the Rockies gave up on him as he is a sinker ball pitcher but 5.98 ERA last year in his first round of AAA likely did the trick. If the Rockies didn't feel he could play in their park we doubt he can play in the AL but little risk here.

With regards to Mariners rumors for pitchers the talk is we are likely after value free agents with past arm troubles such as Jeff Francis. That is great, we are all for value plays but you need to mix it in with the more sure things as well when you are in the Mariners position.

The Mariners are rumored to be after Jesse Crain of the Twins but he is a Type B free agent and we would have to give up a pick so with Z man at the draft helm we don't see that happening. It was fun to be included in the list though with the Rays, Dodgers, Rockies, Dbacks, Cubs, Orioles, Nationals and Jays.

If you have any comments on these Mariners Trade Rumors / Mariners rumors leave them below.

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